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after dark alex and ben with myrezuIn 2016, a tale began to spin of a budding entertainment powerhouse in a strange city called… “Miami.” Where a young-er Alexandre Kaplan had a vision to uplift artists into a spotlight he knew they deserved. And so, an artist roster of only the best dance floor demonstrators began to form with the signing of a long-haired introvert by the name of Ian Phere.

Enter Benjamin Krohn, an entrepreneur with experience in event production and looking to take the next step. A partnership that grew over years of friendship, Alex and Ben combined their ever-growing knowledge and expanded After Dark into Event Production. In the summer of 2018, After Dark partnered up with The Hideaway (RIP), with a vision to bring fresh experiences to an often dull area lacking in variety. Thus, our first monthly was born with the following credence we still follow to this day!

  • Collaboration > Competition
  • Techno >
  • Creating a welcomed environment for people of all backgrounds can come to dance. The music will prevail.
  • Bring new, fresh talent to the limelight.

So where were we?

The year is now 2021 (here’s to hoping we update this next year!), After Dark takes siege to well-loved venues like McSorley’s Beach Pub, Treehouse Miami, Homebass Orlando, and Townhouse Hotel. With headliners booked from labels like Drumcode, Analytic Trail, and Dirtybird, After Dark focuses on expanding our events into experiences that can truly stand toe-to-toe with the big dogs. Our roster of disc jockeys now stands at 6 proud members that are now on tour across the state with various stops across the country.

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